A photo of myself

Hi, nice to see you here!

I'm Marco.
I like to build things
, mainly with code.

I'm currently working as IT Architect
for Sunrise, a telecommunication company in the beautiful country of

Books that I really liked

Things that I did on my own

This website (of course)
I built this website using NextJS, React, and SCSS.
I rendered it with SSG (Static Site Generation) and integrated it with Storyblok for the blog section.
Static Hosting
A repository with tools and guides to self-host a website with Nginx, Ansible, Minio, Let's Encrypt, and Docker.
This website is up and running thanks to my work there.
Web AR Collectible Cards
Web AR Collectible Cards
I've created some collectible cards with QR codes inside the Augmented Reality marker. I've used AR.js as a WebAR library and Three.js for the 3D card.
You can try it out by opening the link on a pc and pointing your phone to the marker.
Radioactive Ladybugs NFTs
In this project, I've created 10000 NFT powerups for videogames, built as an NFTs collection on the Matic (Polygon) blockchain.
I've used Solidity, NodeJS, Truffle, and Ganache.
I've learned a bit about Pixel Art drawing.
KubeFn CLI tool
It's a weekend project to create and manage microservices on Kubernetes easily.
You can find all the details on GitHub.
I've done this project in NodeJS, and it configures a Kubernetes cluster.
This tool allows you to select your free slots for the following days and send them over to your friends.
It uses React, NextJS and CSS modules.

Things that I've done in my career

Sunrise logo
Zürich, Switzerland
IT Architect
Apr 2021 - Ongoing
  • Written the core that all the new websites rely upon, based on React, NextJs, and Storyblok CMS
  • Co-created Sunrise's first cloud project on Google Cloud Platform and Sunrise's first unified design system
  • Created Sunrise's first NFT project
  • Designing the long-term vision for Sunrise's digital transformation architecture
Full Stack Developer
Nov 2020 - Mar 2021
  • Wrote GoLang and NodeJS microservices
  • Co-created an authentication system based on OpenID Connect
EF logo
EF Eductation First
Zürich, Switzerland
Web Developer
May 2019 - Oct 2020
  • Designed and wrote a GraphQL API (NodeJS) and multiple REST APIs (NodeJS, AWS)
  • Co-designed and developed a website (React, Next.js, Express.js, Storyblok, AWS, MongoDB) that handles more than 7k pages
  • Designed and wrote automation scripts to cut down manual work time moving data between CMSs
MindIT Solutions logo
MindIT Solutions
Bologna, Italy
Team Leader Frontend & Backend
May 2018 - April 2019
  • Designed, coordinated, and developed an Angular frontend (Typescript), a Falcon backend (Python), an API layer (GraphQL and Rest), and a PostgreSQL DB
  • Designed and created DevOps pipelines and principles (Docker, Amazon Web Services, GitLab CI/CD, Cypress, Jest)
ShopfullyGroup logo
DoveConviene - ShopFully International Group
Bologna, Italy
Team Leader Middleware
June 2017 - May 2018
  • Researched and developed a series of proof of concept (mainly based on Serverless, Javascript, NodeJS, Amazon Web Services, Varnish Configuration Language, React, Android, iOS, Fastly, and Python Jinja2)
  • Designed and developed the main GraphQL API and a series of RESTful middleware that cut response time and costs of the core APIs by 20%
Team Leader Crawler
May 2016 - May 2018
  • Exclusively maintained and further developed the proprietary crawling framework ”Scrappy” (PHP, ZeroMQ, CakePHP3, MongoDB) and its REST API. Improved the performances by 10x optimizing code and removing memory leaks
  • Crafted a crawling-as-a-service web platform
PHP Developer
Sept 2014 - May 2016
  • Developed web crawlers and collaborated on the internal admin software (PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, CakePHP3)
University of Bologna logo
Alma Mater Studiorum, Univesity of Bologna
Bologna, Italy
B.E. in computer engineering
Sept 2010 - July 2014
1/22/2023, 10:25:41 PM